Курская футбольная лига

Курская футбольная лига

Открытый Кубок г. Курска по мини-футболу
март 2016
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The Best Unsigned Bands, The Osbon Brothers are among the best new Indie Bands - Entertainment Articles

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As someone who was around when audio cassettes, boom boxes, and Walkmans was considered leading edge, I remember the controversy that emerged. Young people, in particular those who didn't have extra money to shell out on all the albums they wanted, simply hit the 'play' button when the radio played popular single, in particular when was from a forthcoming album.

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This album is a great companion towards the mood it doesn't know very well what mood it's in; the atmosphere of shock or denial. If you aren't sure if you should feel angry, happy or sad so you respond by feeling next to nothing or everything at the same time, then "Machina" will certainly apply. The theme of death runs rampant through these tracks, along with the theme of unrequited love. "The Everlasting Gaze" contains enough thrashing guitar riffs to get started on you off, whereas "Stand Inside Your Love" is sad enough to invoke the tears that surprise. "Blue Skies Bring Tears" and "The Crying Tree of Mercury" are great for whenever you feel hopeless, helpless and brimming with suffering, but you are not quite sure how you can express it.

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